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pet acupuncture info/rates


Pet Acupuncture & Treatment Rates

All sessions are tailored to your pet's diagnosis and may include acupuncture, laser, acupressure, moxa, herbal & homeopathic recommendations and tuning forks. 

For liability reasons, I do not treat aggressive dogs or dogs that must be muzzled for their vet visits.

Services are not a la carte and all sessions are the same rate. 

Payment due at time of service. I accept checks, cash, Venmo & Zelle.

Many pet insurance policies now cover acupuncture.




Our Family Veterinary Services  649 Lowell Street Peabody MA     Free Parking    By appointment only 

Our Family Veterinary Services Fees:

First visit $185  About 1 - 1.5 Hours


  • Free 15-minute consultation by phone followed by a longer phone consultation before your session.
  • Check up
  • History and intake
  • Diagnosis
  • Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Reiki and acupressure (Other therapies such as Tuning Forks or Sound Therapy may be included depending on your pet's needs.)
  • Nutritional and herbal recommendations (herbs not included) You will receive a list of recommended products that you may find online or at your local vitamin shop. We do not sell any of these products.
  • Brief acupressure lesson with information where and how to massage your dog.

Follow-up treatments: $125  About 45 minutes - 1 Hour


  • Acupuncture, Laser, Acupressure & all therapies needed for your pet's needs. 


Pet Acupuncture House-calls in Salem MA

Please note: Rates vary depending on location.






Before scheduling your session please watch this short video to insure a positive visit for you and your pet!

    Office Visit & House Call Guidelines