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jeanie marie kraft,, canine acupuncturist

Four Paws Acupuncture offers telephone consultations for your dog!

Does your dog suffer from pain
or have difficulty moving?

Herbal and Nutritional Phone Consultations For Your Dog

Jeanie Marie Kraft, owner of Four Paws Acupuncture, is an acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist, with decades of experience treating dogs with Chinese medicine.

After many years of helping dogs with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, she has retired from making house-calls and work at veterinary clinics. However she is still making her years of experience available to clients for herbal and nutritional phone consultations.

For more information, please visit our phone consultations page.


Watch Jeanie Marie give an acupuncture treatment to Chula, a Shepherd/Labrador mix, as seen on WHDH TV News in Boston. Click play on the video to the right to learn more about acupuncture and dogs!

Jeanie and Ella
Click here to see more of Jeanie, Chula and Ella, a bernese mountain dog, as part of the multimedia slideshow "Canine Zen" from the Salem News (Salem, MA).